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About Allen Noble

Chef Allen R. Noble, Owner and Founder of Noble Chefs is a Huntsville, AL. native. He was raised and matriculated in the school system in Northwest Hunstville. Beginning in the kitchen of his late grandmother Dea Noble; his culinary interest would be further deepened at the Huntsville Center for Technology. Under the direction of Karen Rodriguez, Allen had the opportunity to become a young award winning chef. His high school career allowed him to garnish two gold medals from local competition, one gold state competition medal, and one silver state competition medal. Chef Allen R. Noble is a proud alumnus of J.O. Johnson High.

Education continued at Drake State Technical College, with a declared major in Culinary Arts. Under the direction of Prema Monteiro, he developed an enriched culinary knowledge; and a professional skill set. With many apprenticeships Allen, gained a vast experience in the industry. The completion of Drake State Culinary Arts Associate’s Degree officially deemed him Chef Allen R. Noble in 2012.

In 2013, Chef Allen R. Noble decided to commit to the culinary arts industry full time.  CynShea’s Café & Catering, owned by Cynthia Hart became his new place of development and training. He entered the company as a part time delivery person. The new training ground yield very few hours of cooking; but began a journey of leadership cultivation and development. With process, commitment, and mentorship Mr. Allen R. Noble exited the company after serving as the Restaurant Manager for two and half years in 2016.

Chef Allen R. Noble began developing a concept in 2015 entitled, Noble Chefs. Noble Chefs is a private dining, intimate dining, & catering company. Specializing in dining experiences from two, twenty five, to two hundred and beyond. This company’s objective is to deliver bold flavor, unique presentation, and experience leaving you with a lasting impression. Noble Chefs is More than food. It’s An Experience.

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Nicole Boonin -- 10Cole Hospitality and Consulting

“Chef Allen's dedication to the art of food is what truly sets Noble Chefs apart from others!”

Micah Scott. - Catering Client


“Honestly, I don’t know which was better… The service, The Food or The Worry-Free Planning!”

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